• Spend the first 15 or so minutes (before the official start) to socialize and enjoy the refreshments.



  • Spend 15-30 minutes sharing prayer requests and updating each other on their lives.
  • Sharing will get easier and easier as the group gets to know each other more.

Study and Discussion


  • This portion is designed to last around 45 minutes.
  • People will be asked the questions that were provided on the Growth Guide that was handed out on Sunday morning. At times, leaders may ask people to read what they’ve written down. Other times, they will just have an open dialogue.
  • Some groups may be deeper than others – that is totally fine!


Three Kinds of Questions on the Growth Guide


  • Each week, the questions will be in three categories: 1) Getting to Know Me 2) Into the Bible and 3) Application.




  • Spend about 15-30 minutes praying at the end.
  • Some groups find it helpful to break it into smaller groups – possibly by gender. This creates an even more intimate environment.
  • The leaders will write down the requests so that they aren’t forgotten.


Freedom to Digress


  • Some groups will use this time line a little bit different according to the needs of the group.
  • Some groups will be such mature Christians that they feel the need to go over the 45 minutes on the study and discussion. Other groups may feel the need to spend a little more time with refreshments so that people can get to know each other some more.



  • Groups have the freedom to add the element of worship through music.
  • This is not required by any means but this is sometimes exactly what a group needs.

Service Projects and Socials


  • Every group will take on at least two service projects a year and at least one social event per year.
  • At Heart Cry, we have a lot of service projects throughout the year. A growth group can volunteer to take care of a portion of our projects.
  • Groups can also come up with their own service project entirely.


Total Time: About 90 Minutes