“We have looked forward to Thursday nights because it meant something special would be taking place.  Fellowship and a better understanding of the Bible made it a reason to hurry home from work and head out to their house. It is something we do together and it has really showed us the love of others. What a fantastic group of people that get together and learn more about each other and the message of the Bible.”

“The growth group has allowed us to become better acquainted with wonderful like minded people….sincere followers of Jesus. It has been a super experience….we have experienced several answered prayers together and have faith in great things to come.”

“The group has opened my eyes and heart through the sharing of God’s word with others.
The group and discipline I have been doing has changed my lifestyle completely.  I am humbled my the knowledge that has been given to me.”

“The growth group that I attend is a blessing to my life.  During some difficult times, I have been able to meet people who have experienced the same situations that I have faced.   Their encouragement and acceptance has been very helpful.    The group  has also had an emphasis on the Word of God and how we need to depend not only on each other but our main purpose should be to depend on the guidance of the Lord in our lives and circumstances. “

“My group has brought me close to several new folks I’d never met. It has been an encouragement when I was sick to have all the support from my group. I believe we need that fellowship not for just ourself but others. Our leader and host have been a blessing with their hospitality and their spiritual walk they have shown to us all.”

“Over the past two past Growth Sessions I have became closer to the Lord.  I have had many personal struggles and have been able to share them with my fellow group members.  This might not sound very important but if you know anything about me, it is I am a very closed personal person.  More importantly I have learned that I alone am not struggling.  I hear how other Group Members struggle and we are able to support and pray with and for each other.”

“I began wanting to be apart of a Growth Group to help others and for fellowship.  And I have gained so much more.  I know God has a plan.  A plan for Heart Cry Church and each and everyone of us.  I feel I am being led to my next step.  We are truly Blessed.  Thank you.”

“Meeting for bible study with a small group has enabled us to connect with the others in a deeper way than just saying hi on Sunday mornings. We have been able to lift up, be lifted up, and bear one another’s burdens. “